Kempaign is partner of the CASHMERE SPA

With this Care & Repair Service From CASHMERE SPA you have the possibility to have your knitwear made in our knitting mill. Rejuvenate and revitalize let...

After a detailed inspection and treatment, you will receive your item back in near original condition.

Think long-term and sustainable

With the CASHMERE SPA will allow you to make your favorite knitwear a long-lasting companion to your wardrobe.

You act sustainably and have the advantage of always having one of your Premium

Knitwear pieces for your individual outfit to keep flawlessly ready.


What happens to her favorite piece?



Your item will be carefully inspected at the Cashmere SPA to determine what tasks need to be completed. 


After that, your item will be refrigerated for two weeks to kill any bacteria.

Now all holes, meshes or other damages are repaired by our trained staff.



Your item will undergo a shave to remove any lint (pilling) from your merchandise.




This is followed by a washing cycle adapted to the article-specific care instructions.


All articles are then steamed by hand.


The steam process kills any remaining bacteria.



After a final inspection you will receive your items back in an almost original condition.

Here's how

Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button once you have selected the quantity of the service you want, and the CASHMERE SPA Cair & Repair Service in your shopping cart. Look also gladly further on the Website for exclusive international collections by designers and artists.

By clicking on the logo you will be redirected to the page of CASHMERE SPA. There you can with your knit from Kempaign the Care & Repair Service at reduced conditions (25 % discount automatically). Please note the conditions listed there and feel free to create a small note for their individual needs during the ordering process.