The vision

Two brothers with a vision: The world's first luxury streetwear brand made exclusively in Germany. Known for Luxury Fashion seem to be other world metropolises: Paris, Milan, London & New York. Long established luxury brands that have dominated the market for over a century. But fresh wind should now hit the fashion world from the in 2019 founded luxury label from Germany.

That's Kempaign, that's what the label stands for...

Italian "Pronto Moda", the fast fashion produced by guest workers in the city of Prato (Tuscany) is what scratched the reputation of some luxury brands.

 The two German-born designers Adrian & Ramon Kemp also had offers open to them for this region, but the vision of their luxury brand was clear:

sustainable fashion with the highest level of quality. As the first luxury brand produced exclusively in Germany, Kempaign stands for innovation.

 Sustainability, highest production standards and high quality durable products are the claim of the designers & producers of Kempaign.


Made in Germany

It was no coincidence that the manufactory the designers Kemp chose fell in their own country. It quickly became clear that both parties were pursuing the same goals.

With the knitting factory based in Germany, Kempaign has not only chosen a wonderful production site with technological and craftsmanship excellence, but also a bond of trust.

The designers of Kempaign and their manufacturers are in close contact in terms of communication about their companies and therefore have complete trust about goods, working conditions and visions. They are always working on improving the products and exchanging ideas about future joint projects.

Haute Couture Made in Germany can be found at Kempaign. Trendsetter for high-quality knitwear in the streetwear segment.


Fabrics & Style from Kempaign

Using the finest specially washed yarns such as merino wool, cashmere, etc., Kempaign combines the highest quality fabrics with modern design to create an exceptional fusion between elegance and streetwear look. 


CEO of Kempaign

Adrian Kemp

CEO of Kempaign

Creative Head of Kempaign

Ramon Kemp

Creative Head of Kempaign